I Want to Learn business Applications of A.I., Build Winning A.I. Products, Innovate Processes, Improve The Sales of My A.I. Portfolio, Make Sounded A.I. Investments.

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Results That You Will Achieve  

For Individuals

For Companies 

  • Learn to build insanely good AI Products and Processes: behavior, strategy, product strategy, R&D management. 
  • ​Master interaction with R&D and Engineering Stake Holders. How to measure outcomes and influence decisions. 
  • Leverage industry specialists' insights, so you can connect the dots and innovate in your own field. 
  • ​Learn how to persuade and sell your A.I. Project within your organization.
  •  Understand A.I. Products and Master negotiations with   A.I. vendors. 
  • ​Learn the nuances of AI product development. An introduction to A.I. and practical Aspects (see Syllabus)
  • Learn how to value your data assets and extract economic benefits from them. 
  • Become confident in the interview process for A.I. product management and other A.I. management positions.

What You Will Learn 

This course is designed to answer a few fundamental questions around A.I. product and processes innovation.
  • What product and process should I innovate?
  • How do I manage the A.I. innovation process and what matters?  
  •  What practical knowledge and insights from practitioners can I use?
  • What is the minimum technology understanding I need to deal with A.I. innovation?

How Long Will You Invest

This course takes about 5 weeks of part time study or 10 days full time study

Course Curriculum

There are four fundamental sections and 10 chapters

Overview of A.I. Product and
Process Innovation

The student learns to connect company strategy to product design and product development. Together , we design a new product from scratch and proceed towards development, launch and post launch.

From Product Research to 
Product and System Design

In this section we specialize some of the product research and design framework to the A.I.'s  particular context. Additionally , we present several proprietary frameworks that will empower students to design product and processes based on A.I..

Machine Learning and 
A.I. For Managers

You do not need math and coding skills! The student will acquire the basic machine learning and A.I. concepts including the most novel developments in deep learning . We start with defining A.I., machine learning and deep learning and provide detailed examples that will make it easier for the student to learn and retain information.

Use Cases

In this section the student learns what it takes to go from conception and strategy analysis to launch in several areas of A.I. applications. From Machine to Machine cutting edge services, to B2B Software As a Service (Various Cases), to large scale processes that improve revenue in a B2C company , to large scale processes that requires continued learning and evolution of the system. Finally , the student learns how a non-technical manager can fully specify an A.I. system to their technical counterpart or their vendors.

All sections also contain mini use cases to make the content more
practical and easier to retain and apply.

Additional Course Details 

  • Self-Paced Content No Strict Timing Obligations.
  • Certification of completion. Display it on linkedin upon completion.
  • All Entry Levels, ideal for non-technical or technical managers with no previous machine learning education.
  • ​Life time access, anywhere anytime. 
  • ​​Includes 22 hours of video classes and 15 hours frequently updated readings, use cases and trends.
  • ​This Course Includes also the A.I. and M.L. Technical Course For Managers 

CLASS Preview 

Use Case Preview 

CLASS Preview 

Course Syllabus 

  •  Machine Learning Product Innovation Fundamentals 
  • A.I. and Machine Learning Foundation for Managers
  • ​Science Driven Product and Service Innovation Recipes
  • ​Design an Intelligent System
  • Use Case: ​Software as a Service Product: Computer Vision 
  • ​Use Case: ​Software as a Service Product: Voice Analytics 
  • ​Use Case: Consumer Company Process: E-commerce classification
  • ​Use Case: A.I. Strategy: Banking cash management 
  • ​Use Case: Large Consumer Company: Automated Content Curation 
  • ​Use Case: Software as a Service Product: Marketing Tech Product 
 A.I. Is Unique. With this course you have the possibility to once for ever acquire the correct technical proficiency, become able to avoid costs and failures, correctly align business strategy to execution, design and launch differentiated products and processes at a fraction of time and cost if you were not to take it. 


See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

Hala Shakra 

Vice President Product Management, USA 

 As intelligent systems become more prevalent in today's business structure, the need to better understand them becomes crucial. Paolo's course on AI Product and Process Innovation offers product managers and professionals seeking to explore this space, a detailed and simplified approach on how to transform their existing products into intelligent products and processes that improve user experience and save costs with machine learning and data science. 

Pietro Perlo


Paolo your course costs one third of the MIT course but you deliver a value which is 100 times higher

Dora Boussias

Information Management, USA

 I would highly recommend Innodemia's AI Product course to anyone who wants to get past the shallow surface of what AI / ML is, especially if your role entails managing AI product and process development!

Mark Towery

Tech Entrepreneur , USA

 To get started, I applied the lessons learned from Factors impacting an artificial intelligence product” that we used to develop a matrix to evaluate our product development and updated at the end of a sprint. This approach has served us well because we measure intelligence adaptability to the user needs.
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