We are making Google and Amazon secret assets accessible to beginners, managers, small and medium businesses.

 Build your first artificial intelligence product with zero coding, zero math, zero material investment in a short afternoon.
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In this course you will learn the economic benefits that artificial intelligence can provide to a business as well as the economic drivers that made ai so popular. The course goes ahead covering the basics of A.I. and most importantly its actual limitations. Once you have acquired the basic knowledge and understanding the course will guide you to build your first A.I. product.  The total effort is 4-6 hours. 
1-The A.I. Economics
   -The drivers of the A.I. growth
2-A.I. Basics
   -A parallel with infants, toddlers and kids learning
   -How machines learn
   -How we use the machines
3-Current A.I. Limits

4-Build your A.I. News assistant- Your Product 
   -Intro and basic info
   -Debriefing session


This course has been designed for a complete beginner with no math or coding prior knowledge.

  • Total beginners
  • ​Product Managers
  • ​Tech Managers
  • Tech Entrepreneurs
  • ​Small and Medium Businesses
  • ​A.I. Lovers Around the World



Some technological innovations are making possible a new wave of automation that results in massive operational and top line (revenue) gains. Well known tech companies are usually the beneficiaries of these benefits.
It is now the time to educate both the tech managers of the futures and small business to start taking advantage of this massive opportunity.
The internet has created a combined 21 millions jobs in the USA most of which are non engineering jobs. A.I. holds a similar if not greater potential.
However the current education offering is either technical, and therefore does not help or prepare the majority of people that will work in this sector to explore businesses applications, or too high level for the top management of large corporations, therefore leaving out small and medium businesses.


We adopt a learning methodology that is easy and accessible to total beginners with a minimum of ordinary computer literacy (you can use a PC, a mobile phone and navigate the internet). 

Most concepts are conveyed with examples that draw from your ordinary life experience and are extremely visual so you can understand with the least effort.

Minimal Requirements 

  • A computer connected to the internet 
  • ​Access to Gmail, Google drive and to the internet 
  • ​Ability to sign up to free software services 

Cost Of Material To Build The Product 

We will use the free version of most services needed to build your product. 

The product is intended for demonstrative use only, however you can possibly keep operating it free for several months depending on your usage of the free services necessary.

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Vice President Product Management, USA 


Program Manager and Investor, USA

Tech Manager, USA 

Tech Entrepreneur, USA

A.I. Product Manager, USA


  • Is this course for total beginners? - YES 
  • Will I incur in additional charges to build the product? -Not as long as you use free services within their quota. 
  • Can I build the product even if I am not a techie? - Yes as long as you can use a PC
  • ​What do I get out of this course ?  - The satisfaction to build your own product and the real experience to work with artificial intelligence.
  • What if I get blocked in the process? -If you follow the instructions carefully it will not happen, we have tested this. The companies you will leverage have support team available even for free tier customers   
  • ​How much time do i have to budget ?  - you should be done with classes and product built and running in 4-6 hours. 
  • ​How is this course different ? - It is focused, as most of what we do, on the economic and business value of  A.I. and gives you the option to rally doing something practical about A.I. without learning coding. E.G. getting experience without a ton of upfront investment. 
  • Can I get a certificate?  - Yes you will receive a certificate of completion 

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